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B&E Honey Farm, LLC 

Watsonville's Beekeeping Service 

Pollination, Bees, Honey, and More

Are your crop yields low? Tired of having barely any produce on your plants? We offer competitive prices for suppling honeybees to an area to be pollinated. If you have Almonds, Squash, Melons, Apples, Oranges, Cherries, and other produce crops please contact us to discuss pollination needs.


Almonds: call or email for pricing

Apple: $65.00

Squash, melons: $95.00

Cherries: $95.00

Broccoli Seed: call or email for pricing

B&E Honey Farm, LLC, Watsonville, provides many beekeeping services to Central California and the San Joaquin Valley. We produce organic honey, as well as assist California’s farmers for crop pollination.

Almond growers book your bees early for 2016 almond season.

Pajaro Valley Wild Flower honey is currently available and makes an excellent wedding favors. Our honey is minimally processed with extraction and straining out of debris, unheated coming straight from the hive. No chemicals' only organic material is used to treat Varroa Mites and other diseases. Without of mite control, the bees would not survive. Our priority is to provide top quality Organic local Honey without the introduction of chemicals. 

You can find our Honey products at Brothers Market Beuna Vista Road, Watsonville, CA. Our Wild Flower honey harvested from Corralitos and Aromas wildflower nectars collected in that area.

Five frame or four frame nucs will be available through September. They overwinter well, makes excellent replacements for winter losses. No minimum order required.

We have available for beekeepers:

  • Beekeeping Supplies
  • Nucs
  • Protective Equipment

We pride ourselves on both our quality service and products.

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