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Honey Facts and Care - How to Keep You Local Honey

All honey will eventually crystallize (there's only a few in the world that won't) - raw honey will crystallize quicker. What does crystallization mean? It means that honey turns from a liquid state to a solid state. If you place the honey in a refrigerator it will turn solid from the cold. Always store your honey at room temperature!

So by the fact that honey by its very nature is different each and every year due to the different floral sources, the amounts of fructose, glucose, sucrose, and different aromatic compounds present that give the flavors and aromas of honey. But what I think you would like to know is what initiates the crystallization, and that is nucleation sites and temperature, because really crystallization has to do with the organization of molecules in the honey.

Lower temperatures help to slow the movement of the molecules and get them lined up, but if you go even lower in temperature they don't move at all. And because of the different sugars contained in honey, some organize more rapidly, some more slowly. That is due to the differing functionalities on these molecules.

But in general raw honey does crystallize faster because it has more of the nucleation sites, which merely means there are more particles in the honey to start the process. Each variety of honey will crystallize at different rates.

Some folks think that when their honey starts to turn cloudy and gets a bit thicker that the honey is no longer good. Quite the contrary, crystallized honey is delicious. If you wish to bring your honey back to a liquid state, simply place your honey in a warm water bath - do not microwave your honey as this will break down some of the beneficial minerals in honey.

Another trick is to take your honey and get some into a glass container and set on the dash of your car for a few hours on a sunny day. Check on it every couple of hours and turn the bottle up and down to shake the crystals around. You'll start to see your honey reliquify for you.

Now, creamed honey is a type of crystallized honey that has been processed using temperature controlled methods to bring about the creamy texture of the product. Creamed honey is made by blending one part finely granulated honey with nine parts liquid h oney. The mixture is stored at about 57 degrees until it becomes firm and creamy like peanut butter. Never throw out crystallized honey as it is still great to eat. If you use honey on toast, in your coffee or tea, you'll notice with heat the honey will reliquify before your eyes.